Frequently Asked Questions About Martial Arts

Will martial arts make my child violent?

NO. Martial arts are used for self-defense and as a last resort. The core principles of Kenpo is solving problems by peaceful resolution and having the self-confidence to not rely on violent behavior. We teach our students if at all possible to ALWAYS walk away. Any student caught bullying in or out of the class will no longer be part of Kenpo Karate.

My child is not very athletic. Can they still benefit from martial arts?

Certainly. We teach them skills that will help with their coordination, flexibility and strength. We make sure that the activities we assign are appropriate for the child’s athletic level.

Will my child be injured if they practice martial arts?

There is a chance of physical injury with any form of Martial Arts. We take very special care to supervise all exercises to see that the students are performing them safely and correctly. Sparring, in any form, is only performed under supervision by an instructor and by those who wish to participate and we feel have the proper skills.

How fit do I have to be to take an adult Kenpo class?

We have people of almost all levels of fitness attend our classes. Your level of fitness is not that important a factor because we work on improving your level, no matter where you are in terms of physical fitness.

I have a past injury or medical condition. Can I still train in Kenpo?

You will need to talk to your doctor about the risks you may incur by performing rigorous exercise. They will know best about what your body can safely handle. Please have your physician contact us for a description of the type of physical activity.

What should I wear for my first class?

Bring a top and pants that are comfortable and easy to move in.